Crescendos Alliance, Inc was founded in 2012 by three friends committed to working in developing countries to improve quality of life and health. Liz, Diana and Justine each had worked in the developing world and wanted to address quality of life and health care issues in rural areas where access to care was one of the biggest challenges.

Despite positive economic growth in many regions of the developing world, inequalities in income, living conditions, welfare, access to education, health care and public health services continue to grow between urban and rural populations. Crescendos Alliance is tackling these inequalities through a multi-faceted approach that includes engaging community members to participate in both the identification of needs within their community and the concomitant solutions, developing appropriate and sustainable innovations in treatment of and access to health care, and utilizing evidence based research methodologies to evaluate our results.

Justine Macneil MD.  Justine is an Emergency Department physician. She received her MD from Loyola Stritch School of Medicine Chicago and completed her residency at St John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit, MI. She has worked with volunteer organizations in India, Bolivia, Uganda, Honduras and her most recent work is in the Peruvian Andes. This year, Justine completed her fellowship in Wilderness Medicine at the University of Utah where she continues to work.

Elizabeth Cartwright RN, PhD. Elizabeth is a Professor of Anthropology at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho.  She has worked for over 20 years in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and the rural US. Her specialities include farmworker health, immigration, and innovative research methods. She has extensive clinical experience in maternal/child health and is the Director of the Latino Studies Program at ISU.

Diana Schow, MA, MHE is an adjunct lecturer at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. For more than 20 years she has engaged in a combination of direct services, administration, teaching/training and qualitative research for social service and public health programs including domestic violence prevention, child abuse prevention, women’s health and physical activity promotion. She has worked in the United States, Peru and several European countries.

Rocio Mora is a registered nurse who lives and works in Maras,  Peru. She has many years of experience working in rural health. She is bilingual Spanish-Quechua and has a  background of working with inter-national NGOs.

In 2016 Tamra Bassett joined the Board–Welcome, Tamra!