Overcoming barriers to health care including geographic, cultural, socioeconomic, organizational, and linguistic obstacles.




The Crescendos Premise

We can MEASURE quality of life & health.

We can PROMOTE positive, community-driven change over time.

We can FOSTER innovations at the local level that contribute to change.

Our Work

Improving health care services to remote communities through increasing the capacity of local practitioners. Trainings for practitioners include diagnostic uses of sonographic equipment, neonatal resuscitation and emergency first response and triage.



Anyi is the quechua word for reciprocal labor, a key element of the Inca culture.

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Crescendos Alliance, Inc was founded in 2012 by three friends committed to working in developing countries to improve quality of life and health. Liz, Diana and Justine each had worked in the developing world and wanted to address quality of life and health care issues in rural areas where access to care was one of the biggest challenges. Despite positive economic growth in many regions of the developing world, inequalities in income, living conditions, welfare, access to education, health care and public health services continue to grow between urban and rural populations. Crescendos Alliance is tackling these inequalities through a multi-faceted approach that includes engaging community members to participate in both the identification of needs within their community and the concomitant solutions, developing appropriate and sustainable innovations in treatment of and access to health care, and utilizing evidence based research methodologies to evaluate our results.